Top 5 Wines of United States:

Partying and celebrations are not complete in the United States of America without a cup of red or white wine. There are several brands of wine in the USA. I am going to take you through the best five drinks in different parts of America.

Duckhorn Vineyard Merlot:

Duckhorn Vineyard Merlot

Duckhorn Vineyard Merlot is a fantastic drink with a unique taste. Many people in the United States love the quality of Duckhorn. A party is always incomplete without a glass of Duckhorn Vineyard Merlot. The ingredients of this drink result into a great aroma and taste to all people. Some of the ingredients are;

  • Cigar box
  • Orange peels
  • Sweet spices
  • Elements of cedar

Marilyn Monroe wine:

Marilyn Monroe wine

On the second position of this article is Marylin Monroe wine. This brand of wine is best for partying with friends and family members. Marylin brings out a great aroma and taste due to its natural ingredients. According to the CEO of Marilyn wines, several pieces of Marylin merlot are distributed to clients daily. The high rate of market demand reveals to us that this drink is among the best on the market. Marlin merlot wine has many awards so far due to its aroma and taste.

Blackstone winemaker’s select Merlot –Acampo:

Blackstone winemaker's select Merlot –Acampo

Blackstone winemaker’s excellent Merlot is a standard drink in Acampo, California. Most people in the United States color their parties with Blackstone’s winemaker’s select Merlot. The taste and flavor of this drink favor many wine lovers from various parts of the world. Another fantastic thing about Blackstone is the affordable price. One bottle is $9.45, and alcohol quantity is little in the drink. The ingredients of Blackstone are:

  • Oak smoke
  • Spice
  • Cherry
  • Black and red plums

Stag’s Leap Wine:

Stag's Leap Wine

At least most of the wine lovers in the United States are aware of Stag’s Leap wine. This drink is popular in California, and it has high market demand due to its taste and flavor. The sweet aroma of this wine is as a result of its natural ingredients. The price of one bottle is fair and favors many people on the market. Manufacturers of the item distribute the product according to the orders given on their websites. The following are the ingredients of Stag’s Leap wine;

  • Rosemary and black truffles
  • Dried thyme
  • Toasted almonds
  • Delicious red fruits

Shafer Vineyards wine:

Shafer Vineyards wine

It is utterly annoying to complete a party without a glass of Shafer vineyard wine of the United States. The natural fruits ingredients make this drink sweet and pleasant to all wine lovers. People from various parts of the world cannot get enough of Shafer Vineyard wine taste and aroma. Taking a sip of Shafer wine is not sufficient. You will still need more of the drink from the market.

These are the best five wines of the United States of American. As we have seen, the drinks are full of sweet aroma and taste due to the natural ingredients. Wine lovers do not find it hard to buy the merlots because of their fair price and high-quality nature.